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Our personal testimony

“We are not only an associate for Legal Shield, we’re also members. Having this legal protection help save us time and not lose productivity. For example, one of our representatives received a traffic ticket, called Legal Shield Attorney’s office and our Attorney handled the process and actually appeared in court on our representative behalf, thus our representative loss no time off work. We had client issues who have defaulted on Alegna ALS contracts, disability issues. Legal Shield provided letters to help resolve the situations. Legal Shield Attorney reviews our contracts and provides legal advice for all our business needs. We believe in “helping business do business”. We believe in order to reach your optimum business potential for success all companies must incorporate, have business liability insurance, and legal representation”.
Alegna ALS

Have you ever…

  • Wanted legal advise, but afraid of the cost?
  • Had problems with strangers gaining access to your bank account?
  • Received a traffic ticket?

If so, we can help. You need LegalShield.

Alegna ALS as an Independent LegalShield Associate will help you obtain the legal protection you need.

We offer plans for families, commercial drivers, small businesses and employees.

  • Personal Legal Plans
  • Identity Theft Plan
  • Small Businesses and Employees
  • Commercial Drivers

Don’t wait until something happens….Sign up for a plan today to protect your business, family, and yourself today!

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Alegna ALS Legal Shield Associate