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PCH Proxy-Caregiver Certification

The purpose is to identify how the personal care home utilizes proxy caregivers and the proxy caregiver rules and regulations, according to “Rules for Proxy Caregivers Chapter 111-8-100” in the areas of staffing, training requirements, resident admissions, medication assistance and monitoring, and health maintenance activities.

According to proxy rules and regulations, the definition of

“”Proxy caregiver” is an unlicensed person who has been determined qualified to have the necessary knowledge and skills acquired through training by a licensed healthcare professional to perform documented health maintenance activities, including specialized procedures, for an individual with a disability who has delegated to the designated proxy caregiver the performance of such health maintenance activities through execution of a written informed consent by the individual with a disability or a person legally authorized to act on behalf of such individual with a disability.”

Our program is based on Georgia Healthcare Facilities Regulatory Division (HFRD) and Proxy Caregiver Policies.

Our certification course is complete and individualized to the restident who resides in personal care homes. Our instructors are experience Registered Nurses in Personal Care Home care and daily management.

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